Thursday, 10 May 2012

Internet conncected me to the whole world

When I started my business in retailing industry which I am focuing on Muslimah's fashion, I am totally like a new born baby in this world. In my family history no one have a business background, not even my late father, my mother or my siblings. I just want to do business because I feel tired of working for people, with my fixed salary per month, I have to face thousand and one kind of people's behavior not to mention about office politics which I hated so much. End of the day I felt no matter how excellent am I in my job if I am not excellent in office politics I will finished. Even though I tired with all that but I am still continue working until 15 years because I have family to take care of. But I started realized that I have to do something for myself and my family when my boss been transfered back to UK for good and the company freezed my position as Personal Assistant. Although the company can offer me other position instead of terminate me but they choosed to terminate due to what I can say here is 'Politics'. I am not figure point to anybody but God knows what is going on. To cut short the story I started my business in November 2010. I started with selling "Tudung Ekspres" and shawls. My business location is just at Governement offices corridor. Everyday I will shifted at different locations according to the respective offices approval. At the beginning it's really though for me because I never been in that situation ever since. My staff is my lovely kids. They had supported me and business from day one until now.

Now, with my savings from business I can join with the higher event business such as 'Jom Heboh' organized by TV3, Carnival Nilai, Carnival Upin & Ipin, Selangor Bumper 2011 Carnival, Carnival for 'Belia' under Kementerian Belia dan Sukan, Karnival Perhimpunan Sejuta Belia 2011 at Putrrajaya and many more.
Now, my next move and I can said as my dream to become a wholeseller. I will not let myself at this stage as a retailer until the end.

So, talking about internet, yes it has connected me to the whole world. Now with the internet I gain a network with suppliers in other countries such as China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Previously my supplier was an importers located in Malaysia. They are the one who had inspired me to become one of them soon. So, I went in to the internet to search where I can get the suppliers or manufacturers so that I can get a better price to be a suppliers for retailers in Malaysia.
Now, I have started supplying to my customers that is retailers in Sarawak, Terengganu and Selangor. I am planning to go to Vietnam very soon as I already found suppliers from there. This was help from the internet. Thank you very much.

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